IFOMPT provides world-wide promotion of excellence and unity in clinical and academic standards for manual/musculoskeletal physiotherapists.

The International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT) represents groups of Manipulative Physical Therapists around the world who have completed stringent post-registration/post-graduation specialisation programs in the field of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.

It is a Federation that sets Educational and Clinical Standards in this area of physical therapy.  IFOMPT actively encourages improved patient management by its Standards Document and by actively endorsing evidence based practice.


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The vision statement of IFOMPT is focused to excellence of clinical and academic standards for manual/musculoskeletal physiotherapists. The Standards Committee of IFOMPT is a sub-committee of the Executive Committee and responsible for advising the Executive on educational issues and maintaining standards. The Standards Document is the guideline document which IFOMPT provides for groups of Manual Therapists who wish to seek membership of IFOMPT through the creation of postgraduate educational programmes in OMT.
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The big event has arrived- see you all at the WCPT Congress in Singapore! http://www.wcpt.org/congress 
Join us on Saturday the 2nd of May for the IFOMPT Networking Session.
Discuss issues such as:
Introduction to IFOMPT: brand, objectives, membership
Development and implementation of international standards in orthopaedic and manipulative therapy
Evidence based practice and research

Remember to visit the IFOMPT trade stand with all the information on the 2016 Conference in Glasgow.

Membership Organisation Events

For information on Conferences, Meetings or other events by our Member Organisations, go to the  MO Events page

The formerly known ECT now becomes ECMT - European Congress Manual Therapy and
will be organized by Axxon BCIG, MATHERA.be - The Belgian Clinical Interest Group Manual Therapy. 
 More information about the programm and registrationform will be soon available at www.mathera.be.



IFOMPT Conference 2016

 "Expanding Horizons"
The next IFOMPT Conference will take place in Glasgow from 4 to 8 July 2016. For information on the venue, accommodation, the programme and all developments leading up to the event, please click on the link below.


IFOMPT Conference 2020
Member Organisations are invited to submit Expressions of Interest to host the 2020 IFOMPT Conference.  The initial Expression of Interest to be submitted to admin@ifompt.org by 1 July 2015 followed by the comprehensive submission by 1 December 2015.
Other Events
2015 WCPT Congress
The 2015 WCPT Congress will take place in Singapore from 1 to 4 May 2015. See here for the link to the Congress website.

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